• 1958

    Chiu Ming Electrical Lamps MFG factory (CMC) was founded in 1958 by Mr. David Kwok.  The first sales showroom was opened at 1972 at Ping Shan, Yuen Long.

  • 1959

    In 60's to 70's, electric cooker, electric heater and table lamp were CMC's flagship products which sold to numerous families lived below the Lion Rock.

  • 1964

    Table Lamp (1964)

  • 1968

    Electric heater (1968)

  • 1970

    Table Lamp (1970)

  • 1975

    In 1980's it was a new era of infrastructure developement.  New city development, public housing projects and transport network that using a lot of water-proof spot light.   

  • 1985

    Track light was our hit product for retails (1985)


  • 1985

    Various track light products (80's-90's)

  • 1986

    Henry found Widegerm at 1986.

  • 2010

    2010, LED replaced traditional lamp source gradually.  Widegerm Lighting relocated the factory and has invested substanially in developing the LED products.  Other than a comprehensive range of fixture, we also co-operated with international LED brands, such as PHILIPS, Osram, Citizen, Luminus, Xicato, Samsung to produce reflectors, heatsinks and COB connectors for their continuous improved products.