"HOUSE OF V”, a Korean designer boutique, our first project in Hong Kong local market, has its new store grand opening at the end of August. The new store is relocated at Central, near Kau U Fong, steps from the trendy districts of SoHo and Lan Kwai Fong, surrounded by many antique shops, art galleries, bar and well-known restaurants, such as KauKee, and century-old restaurant Lin Heung Tea House. Central is the existing Hong Kong rare old and new contrast, is the rich mix of West and the Oriental culture.

The two-storey shop can be divided into reception area and display area but with limited space and height of ceiling. Our light source consultant, Mr. Alex Lee, recommends using the 4000K CRI95 to the shop front and window displays to attract passers-by into the store. For the display area, 3500K with medium angle reflector is used to balance the store height and space constraints, and it really did highlight the characteristics and show the colours of clothing to its very best. Small spotlight with sandblasted diffuser used in mezzanine providing a comfortable and efficient combination of lighting.

Shop manager, Christy, is so impressed with the services and products we offered, and promise to offer us an exclusive discount on our purchase. Let's go check out our first project and shopping there when you visit Central next time. And don't forget to try Kau Kee Brisket and tendon and Lin Heung dim sum!