GIORMANI is a well-known sofa shopping store in Hong Kong and Macau regions which providing quality, comfortable and stylish sofa furniture in leather and fabric material.  Giormani opens new shopping store recent years, we are invited to provide professional lighting programs and field planning to meet the requirements of company’s management.

We offered two type of luminaires for the project:
TLD4111 track light supplied in Philips SLM C 3000lm CRI 90 with 3000K warm color temperature was used as shop’s primary lighting to balance the use of light output and color balance.

Giormani’s Administration Director desired to use the warmer effect of light to highlight the texture of leather and fabric materials.  Luminaires in showroom are supplied in 3000K same as general living environment so that customers will get the consistent result as they desired for their ideal home design.

Single-head (LD5321) and three-head (LD5413) plate-mounted adjustable recessed downlight are used to provide a more prominent window display of key products and draw the attention from thousands of passers-by in the Newport City shopping malls. We specially used Luminus high colour rendering of CR95, 2700K COB with 2500lm output, so that the shop can draw attention of the customer in the distance.